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Your HAT is your home digital data vault (your Hub-of-All-Things that are digitally connected)  to store data from the home and also allow you to operate some devices remotely. The HAT is a hub-of-all-things that are digitally connected. It is primary data collected and generated by you and therefore fully owned by you. Through products and services developed by our industry community, your data can be used to help you make better decisions, operate certain things at home and even trade the data with retailers for personalised products and services.

There are 3 types of HAT.

1. The HARD HAT – these HATs are fixed servers in your home and would store your data locally. Hard hats mean that no HAT data is in any cloud or external servers.

2. The STRAW HAT – these HATs use a combination of fixed server and cloud-based server to process and store some data locally and some remotely.

3. The SUN HAT – these HATs are completely cloud-based so your data is held remotedly.

Please note that all HATs are secure and privacy preserving i.e. no one has the right to take and use your data without your explicit consent.